Monday, March 14, 2011

My Boss, My Hero

:] He is 27, but a dummass, so he has to go to high school again to get a diploma and actually learn something. He is good at fighting through, but his brother is smarter even through he can't fight and will try to take over the Yakuza business after their dad. He wants to be the Yakuza boss so he pretends to be 17. It's the funniest school drama i ever seen in my whole life. He is hilarious and he makes so fun faces. "my boss" is for the part where he is Yakuza boss, and "my hero" is in the title also because he will become like a hero to the class. The teacher keeps falling in love with him, but she is like "i can't do this!! he is under 18" haha it's so funny


Friday, March 11, 2011

RH Plus

:] This was just too moving. The whole time until then it was soo fun and i loved the four vampire boys. That's the first vampire drama i ever watched, and i loved every moment of  it. It tells lot about this adorable guys past Makoto. He is like a main character, and his past was soo sad, his mom left him in church after she said "God I'm sorry i gave birth to a Devil(akuma)" ok it's not that dramatic right now but i am crying at the moment watching 11th episode. These four boys try to be like family and happily live together and it's good to see their sweet relashionship and how they are vampires and all. :))

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DBSK/TVXQ Dangerous Love

:] This is the most hilarious thing i ever seen. Jaejung(Hero) and Yunho(U-Know) were soo super funny i died laughing. The reason is that somehow yunho started to be nice to jaejung. jaejung thinks he is falling in love with him, so it's awkward. Yunho carries him and they hug and bunch of other stuff, than in the end yunho gives jaejung a card and says he has something to confess....find out what really happens when u watch it.
Other plot: Max and Xiah after falling downhill wake up in some house and this girl takes care of them, but there's another girl in the house, it's really creepy and weird. Finally all ends in totally unexpected twist...
here's first part when u click play button click to go on youtube to see the other parts too. this is best quality for subs and vid i could find have fun!! :]]

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dating on Earth TVXQ mini drama/movie

:] In this movie Yoochun is senior in high school, but he was held back for two years cause he went to jail. He is married to a girl who becomes a teacher in his class. Than later Jaejung transfers and he is very unfriendly cause he had a bad past. The teacher tries to help him out at the same time Yoochun gets jealous. It's cute and fun!!

Narimiya Hiroki, Lee Jong Suk, Ai Takahashi, Miyavi, Ueto Aya

:] What do these people have to do with each other???? Nothing much really... it's just they have same B-DAY as MEEE!!! September 14 <33333
I already have a post on Narimiya Hiroki with pics so go there if u want.
Lee Jong Suk <333333 (anyone watch Secret Garden??)

He is the red haired singer who Oska wants to sigh a contract with, and supposedly he is gay in the drama. He is cutest dude ever, when i looked in dramawiki i was shocked he had same b-day as me (happy too)

Ai Takahashi is the leader of Japanese girl band called Morning Musume
here's their video :] they always make happy vids and try to be cute lol

Miyavi is really hot looking japanese singer. He is half japanese half korean.Age:29 has wife+kid. Man he is sexy I have to admit I'm kinda addicted to his voice.....  Here's vids..
He is Gorgeous in this one, it's pics. He is soo my type with piercings, being crazy and all just watch him and you'll know :)

Ok for final Ueto Aya,Japanese actress
She plays in Attention Please only 1 i watched of her and loved it. Also in bunch of other dramas.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

MBLAQ (soo funny)

:] OMG i couldn't stop laughing and i watched this couple of times

soo cute!!!

well this is not funny but he is soo awesome i had to add it :P

ahahahahaahaha hilarious pants??


:] Thunder (Cheon dung) has rounded teeth lol, and i think it's most adorable thing in the whole universe. Even when he raps it's really cute voice and face xD.

THE LEADER!!! Seong Ho is hot, sexy, talented leader who is amazing. He stands out and i can always remember his face it's like super impossible not to. He has huge lips which are totally attractive. :))

GO, he is good addition to the band, but i have to say i'm not crazy over him , even through without him the band would be incomplete. :]]

 Finally, The Best for last I love Mir and Joon they are amazing and you can just see that in the video of them :]]] in pic (mir left, joon right)